PBR Process

The Riverstone Solar project, an approximately 149.5 MWac solar photovoltaic generating facility, is proposed to be located in Buckingham County, Virginia.  The project is designed to consist of approximately 375,000 solar panels that will be affixed to either a fixed-tilt racking system or a single-axis tracking system, with a maximum height of 17 feet. The project is located on approximately 1,992 acres of privately-owned land in northern Buckingham County, north of Bridgeport Road, east of Route 20, and west of Hardware Road.

Riverstone Solar, LLC invites the public to learn more about this project by attending the public meeting or contacting our team. Riverstone Solar, LLC seeks to (i) acquaint the public with the technical aspects of the proposed project and how the standards and requirements of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Small Renewable Energy Projects (Solar) Permit by Rule (PBR) regulations will be met, (ii) identify issues of concern, (iii) facilitate communication, and (iv) establish a dialogue with persons who may be affected by the project.

A 30-day comment period, in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90 C, will be held commencing May 21, 2022, through June 20, 2022. Any interested parties may contact the applicant to ask questions or provide comments as follows:

Riverstone Solar, LLC

ATTN: Jimmy Merrick

120 Garrett Street, Suite 700

Charlottesville, VA 22902

(434) 568-9838

[email protected]

A public meeting will be held in accordance with 9VAC15-60-90 D on June 7 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Buckingham County VFW, located at 14405 W James Anderson Hwy, Buckingham, VA 23921

Physical copies of the documentation to be submitted to the DEQ in support of the Permit by Rule application will be available for inspection at the Buckingham County Administration Building, located at 13360 W James Anderson Hwy, Buckingham VA 23921 between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The full application will also be accessible to the public online at www.riverstonesolar.com/pbr_application_materials. The site will also provide community members opportunities to learn more about solar energy and the Riverstone Solar project, and to ask questions about the application. Visitors will be able to submit comments and/or questions at www.riverstonesolar.com/public_comment_portal.  

Please follow the below links to access our PBR application materials page, our public meeting event page, and one of the ways you can submit a public comment. 

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